About Us

Our staff is comprised of knowledgeable individuals who are here to assist in any way possible. We are currently the largest provider of traffic services and guaranteed signup services online today, with an estimated 70% off all retail online advertising businesses transacting business with us to provide their customers with quality solutions.

We operate over 500 internet properties, to which we draw millions of daily users. These users are served ads on a daily business and continue to drive the success of our company on a daily business. Some well known internet brands currently operated by us can be found below:

  • February 2005. We acquires webmaster and promotion based network UpMyRank.com,
  • April 2006. We acquires BannerInk technology and enables “Fraud Free CPC” into our network. The internet’s most accurate advertising fraud prevention system,
  • November 2006. We acquires consumer confidence company SafeVendor.com,
  • July 2007. We acquires domain registrar aNoun.com with over 12,000 expired domains hosted.

Our staff is comprised of dedicated employees, each with an investment in the company, which ensures dedication and quality customer service. Each of our customer service representatives have come from a professional advertising background, this ensures that your answers are handled in a professional and timely manner.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime!