How do you generate traffic?

Traffic is delivered to our advertisers through a variety of methods. Each visitor is generated through our extensive network of target specific websites. We deliver traffic through the use of full page pop unders, pop ups, expired domain traffic, interstitial ads and domain park pages. There is no way to separate the various methods however.

What are your payment options and conditions?

We accept PayPal payments using your Visa, MasterCard, checking account or current PayPal balance.

Do you have 24 hour unique traffic?

Yes, all of our traffic campaigns are 24 hour unique.

How can I check my stats?

We will e-mail you a link so you can check the stats of your campaign while it is in progress.

Do you ever use spam or will I be accused of using spam methods?

Absolutely not.

Do you place any restrictions on the content of my site?

We do not accept web sites that contain additional pop-up windows, frame-breaking java scripts, trojans, viruses and java pop-ups.

How long will it take before my traffic campaign begins?

We will start your campaign as soon as possible, usually within a few hours of receiving your order. We generally send an order confirmation within 4-6 hours. If you don’t receive confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us, to verify that your order has been received.

Are there any additional or hidden charges?

Absolutely not! All fees listed on our web site are a one-time cost.

What is your refund policy?

When the campaign is started, there is no refunds.